UBITECH ENERGY was founded by a blend of experienced ICT Consultants and Energy Research Innovators, with a long track record in the identification, design, development and commercialization of research and innovation smart energy projects.
Building upon a deep and thorough understanding of energy systems current needs and future challenges, these projects have been addressing a wide range of technologies and domains - including smart grid solutions, energy efficiency, IoT, cybersecurity and data privacy, renewables integration, energy markets and services, blockchain technology, cloud computing and big data analytics.
The vision of UBITECH ENERGY is to revolutionize the energy value chain with new technologies and pave the way for its new digital era.



  • Smart grid observability and control, including sensor based systems for real time delivery of ‘instrumentation values’ and processing for grid services
  • Advanced predictive analytics, including prognosis of energy systems events, demand patterns and generation volatility
  • Semantic interoperability middleware, supporting new platforms for seamless and coordinated data sharing and operation among energy stakeholders for provision of common services.
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) power system simulations, for the development and testing of complex real-time embedded systems in the smart grid
  • Blockchain marketplaces, decentralizing energy transactions alongside the physically decentralized energy resources
  • Development and training of deep learning models, to build knowledge architectures upon the streams of energy data that will aid strategic decision making
  • Constraint-driven optimization using heuristics, facing the relevant energy markets, asset management and T&D system operation challenges
  • Privacy and cyber security tools for risk management and mitigation, making the energy power systems more robust and resilient in case of imminent cyber attacks


The smart grid refers to the ICT-enhanced electricity supply network that enables the optimization of energy production, transmission, distribution and storage, including the ability to promote active customer participation, and facilitate accommodation of distributed generation and storage options. In this context, UBITECH ENERGY integrates smart grid solutions across the whole electricity value chain addressing the challenges of network reliability and efficiency, asset lifecycle optimization, renewables integration and digital transformation.
UBITECH ENERGY opens the door for new types of energy services which optimally control and steer energy consumption according to market and system needs. ICT-tools and big data generated by smart meters, smart devices and sensors help monitor and verify energy savings and flexibility and thus provide for appropriate remuneration of optimized consumption. UBITECH ENERGY technology solutions favors energy services of this kind that combine clean energy penetration and end-user benefits towards increasing their viability, nevertheless result in real, measurable energy savings and performance improvements of the overall energy system.
Energy systems are overwhelmed by sources of data: markets, assets, geography and system operation data, which can be used to predict states, provide situational awareness, analyze stability, detect faults and provide advance warning. UBITECH ENERGY delivers the ground for next generation energy services by utilizing big data analytics algorithms for the analysis of streaming and stored data, correlation of identified patterns in real-time and dynamic ranking of adaptive propositions towards the energy stakeholders.
Targets set in the Clean Energy Package are stressing the electricity infrastructure. Transmission and Distribution grid upgrade investments are costly and usually face public descent for environmental and aesthetic reasons. New technologies that minimally disrupt existing corridors and infrastructure footprints, but unleash energy flows potential, are priceless for the evolution of the electricity grids to meet the EU clean energy targets. UBITECH ENERGY explores novel grid constituents coming from the industry’s state-of-the-art (i.e., high-tech conductors, FACTS, intelligent universal transformers, efficient power electronic devices, DER controllers, storage configurations, HVDC modules), studies thoroughly their impact on the power system operation, designs architectures and implements applicable plans for novel technology integration and benefits maximization.
Digitalization brings many benefits, but it also opens the door to increasing risks for energy security, both from natural hazards such as geomagnetic storms and from unintended cyber incidents and intentional cyber-attacks. UBITECH ENERGY team is highly experienced in developing cybersecurity “shields” for energy infrastructure and data systems, built around the key concepts of Resilience, (i.e., the ability of a nation, system or institution to adapt to changing contexts), Cyber hygiene, (i.e., the basic set of precautions and monitoring that all ICT users should undertake), Security by design, (i.e., the incorporation of security objectives and standards as a core part of the research and design process).


The Seven Areas of our Expertise


Digital energy systems transformation

Digitalization holds the potential to catalyze more fundamental, system-wide changes. Electricity is likely to be the first energy sector to see the impact of this deeper transformation and the one that will ultimately be most affected. As highly interconnected electricity networks can emerge, blurring the distinction between traditional suppliers and consumers, with increasing opportunities for more local trade of energy and grid services. UBITECH ENERGY provides approaches to optimally design and operate next generation energy systems with active consumer participation, highly interconnected transmission networks and various flexibilities stemming from distributed energy resources (DERs), efficient asset management and grid intelligence.


Energy Data management and Analytics

UBITECH ENERGY provides approaches for efficient real-time big data analytics through workload optimized data stores and query parallelization techniques that can also be applied to smart grids. These methodologies enable data analytics to be performed both on streaming and on stored dataset, as well as on legacy technologies in the energy grids, through a powerful environment for data management on top of different data stores (i.e., SQL, NoSQL, CEP). UBITECH ENERGY provides AI-based technologies that unlock values to energy stakeholders such as system flexibility, demand aggregation, increased asset lifetime, real-time pricing and optimization, optimized site decisions, clean energy share maximization.


Active distribution management, local markets and consumer engagement

Acting as the bridge between the dispersed energy resources and the transmission corridors, distribution systems are facing significant flexibility challenges. Prosumers, electric vehicles, distributed RES are sources and sinks of clean energy but impose operational complexity. UBITECH ENERGY designs, develops and implements DER management and local markets platforms to facilitate active distribution management, demand response and promote consumer engagement.


Market integration and regional system coordination

Interconnected EU transmission networks act as the backbone of the electricity supply down to the end-user. Electricity markets evolve to shorter market time intervals, creating new challenges for the transmission operation, and require much deeper coordination between operators close to real time. Short term adequacy forecast, capacity calculations, security coordination are key issues of regional transmission operation. UBITECH ENERGY architectures and platforms provide solutions to manage these network and market complexities, ensure grid services in full geographical coverage, quality of clean energy supply to the consumers, while minimizing operational risks and uncertainties.


Cloud and edge computing for secure energy services

UBITECH ENERGY focuses on novel architectures for the efficient development and integration of distributed edge applications, over combined IoT and cloud computing, with energy ecosystems. Service mesh architectures are integrated with cloud and edge computing architectures in order to allow optimized and resource-decoupled utilization of the underlying cloud and edge resources. Shielded with cyber security measures, UBITECH ENERGY provides solutions addressing end-to-end the requirements of distributed edge applications: from the abstraction of the underlying infrastructure, through the collection and real-time processing of the data, to the development of the application to exploit the edge data while managing the provisioned levels of users experience.


Blockchain technology for energy trading

Blockchain is able to reduce transaction costs through standardization via smart contracts and the automatic execution of orders. Blockchain technology strengthens the market role of individual consumers and producers. It enables prosumers to buy and sell energy directly-manually or via automation-with a high degree of autonomy. UBITECH ENERGY designs, develops and integrates customizable blockchain-based local marketplaces to securely promote microgrids, VPPs, local energy communities and consumer engagement into the electricity value chain.


Deep learning and machine intelligence algorithms

The energy transition underway comprises primarily of a push towards replacing bulk fossil-fueled generation with volatile renewable and distributed generation. This results in increased uncertainty and complexity in both the business transactions and in the physical flows of electricity in the grid. A deeper look at energy patterns holds a promise for improving grid operation, energy efficiency and sustainability. UBITECH ENERGY builds on the expressive mathematical power of machine learning algorithms and deep learning (i.e., logistic regression, random forests support vector machines) to develop applicable tools that generalize across multiple smart grid problems, system operation needs and energy market forecasting.

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