GRIFOn (GRId Forum) is an initiative launched by OneNet H2020 project to promote and facilitate the creation of a community of stakeholders interested to collaborate and actively tackle the most pressing issues regarding the future European electricity markets.

The first GRIFOn workshop took place on 5th November, focusing on two topics:

  • A harmonized European IT architecture for market and network operation
  • Services, products, and market design for a harmonised European electricity market

UBITECH ENERGY team participated presenting the methodology adopted for developing the OneNet use cases and the requirements extracted from these use cases in order to be integrated in the OneNet architecture design ensuring that all the requirements of the 13 demonstration countries were considered. In addition, UBE team presented the objectives of the work carried out regarding the development of a harmonised framework for system services, products and market designs.

The workshop was closed by an interactive panel discussion. In the first breakout session, the panellists discussed how OneNet architecture relates to other relevant established architectures and what kind of cyber-secure mechanisms are being considered for handling the often highly critical information exchange. In the second breakout session, the participants’ opinions were asked regarding the available options for solving local congestions in both transmission and distribution grids and the mechanisms facilitating the engagement of flexibility service providers.