UBITECH Energy, as technical coordinator of FARCROSS project, participated in one of Europe’s most relevant smart energy fairs, ENLIT in Frankfurt between 29 November and 1 December. 

ENLIT is one of the hub events throughout the year for all the players of the energy sector, bringing together 15 000 visitors and more than 700 exhibitors, not only from Europe, but also from Asia, the US and Canada.



UBITECH Energy played an active role in the hub sessions of the EU projects zone of ENLIT as  Mr. Anastasis Tzoumpas on day 2 presented the cornerstones and goals of FARCROSS, highlighting the five demonstration areas, and their expected impact on the increased cross-border power flows. – FARCROSS project will improve the cross-border electricity capacities in the South-Eastern European region by developing and testing various equipment that optimize the existing grids – he underlined in his presentation.+

Anastasis Tzoumpas took part in one of ENLIT’s next podcast episodes together with Alvaro Nofuentes, project coordinator of the Horizon2020 project TRINITY, which answered the same call back in 2019. The two projects are working together on a joint paper (publication expected in Q1 2023), therefore in the podcast they discussed the synergies and complementarities between the solutions developed in FARCROSS and TRINITY.

During the last day, the communication Work Package leader, Mrs Magda Zafeiropoulou from UBITECH Energy, visited the industrial key stakeholder’s booth to disseminate the project results.