UBITECH Energy at H2020 Transmission Grids Projects Clustering Workshop

The H2020 Transmission Grids Projects Clustering Workshop, took place virtually on 2nd December 2020. The goal of this clustering activity was the analysis of the efforts by different H2020 projects on Electric Transmission Grid to define TSO-DSO collaboration schemas.

In this context, Ubitech Energy presented FARCROSS project that promotes state-of-the art technologies to enhance the exploitation/capacity/efficiency of transmission grid assets, either on the generation or the transmission level. Mr. Anastasios Tzoumpas, the technical coordinator presented the project concept, the technical challenges, the research activities and expected scientific impact of FARCROSS project.

Then, an extensive discussion took place on ideas for possible further joint activities that have been identified from the project presentations, such as AC-DC hybrid grids, TSO-DSO cooperation, and cross-border power exchanges.

Finally, all workshop participants agreed on potential synergies and opportunities for future actions.