UBITECH Energy (UBE) participated successfully in the 1st technical review meeting of the OneNet H2020 project.  Mr. Anastasis Tzoumpas, as the WP2 leader, presented the main achievements conducted in the context of the first 18 months of the project. Specifically, he presented the advancements regarding the products and services definition in support of OneNet, which aim to set the basis of the work to be done in the OneNet project. During his presentation, an overview of the market solutions and digital platforms that were presented so far in the EU pilot projects was given, along with the European policy frameworks,  and business use cases (BUCs) proposed in the OneNet project. These products and BUCs will strongly engage the consumers to maximize the flexibility resources that the grid operators can use to meet the clean energy challenges. The differences among EU markets were reviewed and specific priorities for KPIs, Scalability and Replicability of OneNet solutions were devised to enable the pan-EU integration of these new services and products digitally procured for system operation.

UBITECH Energy participates as a Task leader in Integrated System Operation, Open IT Architecture and Reference IT Implementation for OneNet in close collaboration with the project consortium.