UBITECH Energy participated in the virtual kick-off meeting hosted by RINA-C (June 13-14, 2022) of the DATA CELLAR Innovation Action, which officially started on June 1st, 2022. The project is funded by European Commission under Horizon Europe Programme (Grant Agreement No. 101069694) and spans on the period June 2022 – December 2025. DATA CELLAR aims to create a public energy dataspace that will support the creation, development and management of local energy communities in EU. Such dataspace will be easy to be populated (also via an innovative rewarded private metering approach) and easy to interact with, also guaranteeing a smooth integration with other EU energy dataspaces and providing to LEC stakeholders services and tools for developing their activities. In this context, DATA CELLAR will implement a collaborative platform providing an interoperable, modular, and secure energy data space capable of delivering access to datasets, Decision Support Tool and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to serve and support the spread LECs.

Within DATA CELLAR, UBITECH Energy leads the development of the DATA CELLAR data-driven energy services, as well as the development of DATA CELLAR Digital Twin platform which will provide the ‘vehicle’ to materialize the citizen-driven energy-related activities into the operation of the energy system, while moving citizens to the foreground. In addition, UBITECH Energy contributes to the assessment of relevant existing EU databases and to investigating how DATA CELLAR data space can be interconnected with them and other energy dataspaces.