UBITECH ENERGY participates in the kick off meeting of ECOEMPOWER

The ECOEMPOWER consortium inaugurated its project activities on September 19th and 20th, gathering in Trento, Italy, for the official project kick-off. This pivotal event brought together more than 20 representatives hailing from 10 project partners, spanning several European countries including Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, and Italy. In this initial meeting, the consortium solidified the formal commencement of their ambitious endeavor.

The primary focus of the first day centered on mutual introductions and building a shared understanding of all aspects of the project. Collaboratively, the partners began shaping the foundational elements of the project’s identity. Additionally, they delved into the intricacies of each work package, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of their respective roles and responsibilities.

On the following day, the consortium embarked on a field trip to visit energy communities, cooperatives, and renewable energy facilities in the region. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights into the operational aspects of these entities and offered a tangible connection to the communities that will be integral to the project’s success.

UBE’s main role in ECOEMPOWER is as the leader of WP2 and its three tasks. The WP2’s main objectives and activities revolve around providing technical support to the project’s energy communities. This support includes conducting local power system analysis, offering options for participating in energy markets, and aiding in decision-making regarding new energy assets and efficient resource scheduling. WP2 aims to simplify the technical complexities of energy systems and market participation for these communities by developing a user-friendly web platform tailored to their specific needs. This WP consists of several crucial tasks and will follow a 3-step approach including: (i) defining the platform requirements and energy communities’ use cases, (ii) developing the platform and the different tools comprising it (i.e., forecasting tool for energy generation and demand, energy system modeling and scheduling tool, cost-benefit analysis and decision-making tool, data storage, analytics, cybersecurity, and HMI for the energy communities) and (iii) conducting the validation of the platform and energy analyses for the ECOEMPOWER energy communities. This platform will assist communities in optimizing their energy resources, making informed decisions, and planning for a sustainable energy future while considering environmental impacts and market prospects.