UBITECH ENERGY participates in the Kick off meeting of GINNGER project


The GINNGER consortium marked the initiation of its project activities during the official project kick-off meeting held on November 8th and 9th, 2023, in Zaragoza, Spain. This significant event convened over 40 representatives from 20 project partners across various European countries. During this inaugural gathering, the consortium formally launched their ambitious undertaking.

The primary focus of the first day revolved around mutual introductions and fostering a comprehensive understanding of all project-related facets, including descriptions. Specifically, partners engaged in in-depth discussions about the intricacies of each work package, aiming to achieve a thorough understanding of their individual roles and responsibilities within the project.

On the second day, the primary emphasis was placed on the project’s six different demonstration sites situated in Spain, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Italy, and France, with the aim of exploring their unique attributes and requirements.

UBE plays a crucial role in GINNGER as the leader of Subtask 4.2.4, i.e., responsible for the development of the blockchain-based Flexibility Marketplace and its implementation in the field. In general, Task 4.2 deals with the Development of the digital solutions from the Energy Block (i.e., Forecasting Module, Energy Management Tool, EC Creation and Operation Tool and Flexibility Marketplace). Within this context, UBE will use the blockchain technology to develop this digital marketplace in a secure and transparent way and enable the consumers in the neighborhoods to exchange their renewable energy generated, their storage capacity and/or possibly provide ancillary services to the grid, following a demand response approach.