IANOS 2nd Reporting Period review meeting

The IANOS 2nd Reporting Period review meeting took place in Brussels on June 12th. Anastasis Tzoumpas presented the progress of WP3, which was led by UBITECH ENERGY and has concluded, along with the next steps for the following period. The main outcomes of the WP3 activities were:

· The development of a dedicated web platform for Life Cycle Assessment / Life Cycle Cost analyses (VERIFY-D).

· The development of a crowdfunding platform where stakeholders are able to register their foreseen projects and set a funding goal in return for equity (CrowdEq).

· The development of a Cost-Benefit Analysis tool (CBA) that offers an analytical approach for the stakeholders/investors, by providing quantifiable insights regarding whether a smart grid intervention exceeds the existing baseline scenario in terms of costs and benefits.

· The integration of those tools, along with power system modelling and simulation tools (INTEMA.grid and ESSIM), to create the IANOS Energy Planning and Transition (IEPT) suite, a toolkit to assist the energy transition of the Lighthouse and Fellow islands of IANOS.

· The pre-validation of IEPT suite’s interoperability, through various tests conducted for different operational scenarios and the establishment of its graphical user interface user-friendliness.