UBITECH ENERGY participates in the 3rd Plenary meeting of DATA CELLAR

UBITECH ENERGY actively participated in the 3rd plenary meeting of DATA CELLAR, which took place on June 6th and 7th, 2023, in Cascais, Portugal. UBITECH ENERGY as the leader of DATA CELLAR’s WP5, i.e., Data-Driven Energy Services Development, and Task 5.2 that focuses on developing data-driven digital twin models for energy communities, discussed the updates of the work package. In addition, working alongside WP4 (Data-Cellar ICT Architecture Reference Definition and Edge and Cloud Platform Development) and WP6 (Data Marketplace and Valorisation, Tokenization and Distributed Ledger Technologies), UBITECH ENERGY discussed the Overall Platform of DATA CELLAR and the diverse use cases of the project. Finally, during the meeting UBITECH ENERGY proudly announced the successful and timely submission of D3.1, documenting the progress achieved in Task 3.1 (i.e., Assessment of relevant existing EU databases and how to interconnect to them and the other ENERGY Dataspace) of the WP3 (Interoperability and Federation of EU Energy Data Spaces)