GRIFOn (GRId Forum) is an initiative launched by OneNet H2020 project to promote and facilitate the creation of a community of stakeholders interested to collaborate and actively tackle the most pressing issues regarding the future European electricity markets. The first GRIFOn workshop took place on 5th November, focusing on two topics: A harmonized European IT […]

Within ELECTRON, UBITECH Energy contributes at the formulation of the energy personnel training and certification framework for cybersecurity and privacy as a live-service supporting technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, as well as at the promotion the ELECTRON-related policies, protocols, acts, directives, and standards, while contributing to the EU policies and acts that are related to the critical infrastructure and the energy protection and cybersecurity.

Working Group 4 (WG4) Future of Energy Systems of the Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RDIC) of ENTSO-E awarded UBITECH ENERGY a contract to perform a study with TSO perspective on Integration of the Power and Heat Sectors.