UBITECH ENERGY contributes to the project activities both as a technical partner via the leadership of two tasks,
namely T4.4: The EVELIXIA Autonomous District Decision Support Services and T4.6: The integrated B2G
and G2B Services Layer, as well as Data, Ethics and Security Manager of the project, leading also T8.4:
Data, Ethics, Security Management. In the framework of EVELIXIA, UBE develops Innovative technology
Solutions for Building-to-Grid Services (DSM Services Advisor tool), as well as for Grid-to-Building
Services (Grid Investment Planning Assistant tool, Multi-vector Network Manager tool, Smart Grid
Maintenance tool).

UBITECH ENERGY actively engaged in the fourth plenary meeting of DATA CELLAR, held on November 23rd and 24th, 2023, in Gijon, Spain. As

The panel delved into critical topics surrounding flexibility markets, offering valuable insights into the energy sector’s future possibilities. Discussion points included barriers and motivations driving consumer engagement, platform interoperability, and evolving regulatory frameworks. The session emphasized a paradigm shift towards intelligent grid connectivity for consumers, recognizing the demand for incentives, education, feedback, and support in active participation.