In January 2024, the Horizon Europe project ODEON started its mission to revolutionise the Green and Digital Energy transition through the creation of an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders characterized by the integration of a mesh of Data, Intelligence, Service, and Market flows. ODEON enables the resilient operation of the energy system considering the increased integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the effective orchestration of flexibility from assets residing at the edges of the system. With a budget of 22,56 M€ allocated over four years, the project represents a significant stride toward a sustainable, secure, and competitive energy supply. Coordinated by ETRA, ODEON is set to make an impact with a consortium of 34 partners from thirteen European countries.

UBITECH ENERGY participated in the KoM of THUNDER project hosted in Genoa, Italy in 30th to 31st of January 2024 THUNDER project aims to overcome existing barriers hampering the wide adoption of waste heat from Data Centres. To support the efficiency of DC heat recovery the storage systems and their flexibility are important. THUNDER solutions […]