Second plenary meeting of D-HYDROFLEX project

D-HYDROFLEX partners met for the second plenary meeting in Valladolid, Spain, on April 17th and 18th to discuss the progress of the project and exchange more ideas on different topics related to hydropower flexibility and digitalization. The meeting was hosted by the CARTIF and resulted in two days of fruitful discussions between experts of different fields.
UBITECH ENERGY, as the technical coordinator of the project, presented the progress of the project for the first 6months and the way forward. Also, UBITECH ENERGY presented the results of the analysis carried out regarding the regulatory barriers and existing incentives in flexibility provision in D-HYDROFLEX demonstration countries, the assessment of flexibility potential within D-HYDROFLEX demonstration HPPs, as well as the initial list of technoeconomic, environmental and sustainability requirements analysis that will form the base for the D-HYDROFLEX Hydropower 4.0 toolkit conceptualization.
Moreover, UBITECH ENERGY organised in the context of the meeting a workshop aiming to identify the challenges and new technological opportunities related to the activties of the project.