UBITECH ENERGY met with 25 project representatives in Allgäu, Germany for the purposes of the second Project Meeting of ECOEMPOWER in 29TH of February and 01st of March. On the first day, our hosts at eza! gave us a warm welcome at their headquarters in the beautiful town of Kempten. We provided updates for every work package, discussed the work that has been done in the first 6 months of the project and exchanged ideas and feedback regarding the next steps. Representatives from the Energy Communities in Italy, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Greece have also shared updates on the Pilot Sites, including infrastructure details, planned activities, and accomplishments to date, thereby offering us a comprehensive overview.

The next day, we embarked on a field trip across the Allgäu Region where we met with representatives of the local Energy Communities to tour their Renewable Energy Facilities. This experience fostered open dialogue, allowing us to gain valuable insights into the operational aspects of their facilities, better comprehend their challenges and understand how the ECOEMPOWER Project can provide value to them.

UBITECH ENERGY leads the WP2 efforts, that focuses on Energy and ICT system analysis. On the first day we presented the progress and milestones achieved in these 6 first months. A key achievement was the successful submission of D2.1 ECOEMPOWER Energy-ICT platform specifications and energy communities use cases. We gathered all available information on the technical infrastructure and short-, mid- and long-term plans of the various regional ecosystems of the ECOEMPOWER project, defined the technical Use Cases, and presented the first version of the architecture of the ECOEMPOWER Platform. The platform is envisioned as a comprehensive solution for the Energy Communities, containing a suite of specialized tools designed to enhance energy management, sustainability, and user engagement.