TwinEU Strategic Goal: TwinEU will leverage a unique set of competences coming from grid and market operators, technology providers and research centres to create a concept of Pan-European digital twin based on the federation of local twins so to enable a reliable, resilient, and safe operation of the infrastructure while facilitating new business models that will accelerate the deployment of renewable energy sources in Europe. TwinEU puts together a unique consortium with a very wide participation of grid operators from 15 countries: cooperation must happen now and there is no time to wait. The project not only aims at an extraordinary innovation, but it has the goal to make the process sustainable and efficient way beyond the funding cycle. Thanks to a unique concept of partnership, TwinEU guarantees the best innovation today and the best approach to a sustainable future later.
In the KoM of the TWIN EU project, that took place in 15th and 16th of January in Brussels, all the partners constituting the project consortium were introduced with each member presenting themselves and their role in the project. UBITECH ENERGY  participates in the project as the technical coordinator and the WP2 leader.