UBITECH ENERGY participates in the General Assembly of project DATA CELLAR

UBITECH ENERGY participated in the General Assembly of the DATA CELLAR project that was be held in Amsterdam on 11th and 12th January 2023 and hosted by MRA-E

Within DATA CELLAR, UBITECH Energy leads the development of the DATA CELLAR data-driven energy services, as well as the development of DATA CELLAR Digital Twin platform which will provide the ‘vehicle’ to materialize the citizen-driven energy-related activities into the operation of the energy system, while moving citizens to the foreground. In addition, UBITECH Energy contributes to the assessment of relevant existing EU databases and to investigating how DATA CELLAR data space can be interconnected with them and other energy dataspaces.

UBITECH ENERGY presented the activities performed in Task 3.1 “Assessment of relevant existing EU databases and how to interconnect to them and to other ENERGY DataSpace”: presentation of workflow, ontology and methodology to sisters’ project.