SINNOGENES aims at designing and demonstrating the “Storage INNOvations (SINNO) energy toolkit”, a suite of innovative technologies and applications that render energy storage as the gamechanger for the acceleration of the successful energy transition and sectors decarbonization towards an EU integrated and flexible energy system. Collaboration and sharing experience across different countries is essential to learning the best paradigms for energy storage valorisation. Therefore, SINNOGENES conducts six (6) demonstration campaigns in five (5) dispersed countries across the EU to test and evaluate the functionalities of the proposed toolkit in different environments and demand sectors.

The KoM was held on 26-27 January 2023, in Brussels, Belgium.

UBITECH ENERGY is the technical coordinator of the project, leading also Task 1.2 (Technical Management), T1.4 (Data management), WP2 (SINNOGENES Toolkit for Innovative Storage Technologies) and WP6 (Communication, dissemination and impact assessment).