3rd General Assembly of THUMBS UP project in Messina

UBITECH ENERGY participated in the 3rd General Assembly of THUMBS UP project in Messina hosted by CNR ITAE, on 20th and 21st of February 2024,  with representatives from all 20 partners.

THUMBS UP aims to develop and demonstrate thermal energy storage (TES) at daily (based on environmental friendly PCM) and weekly level (based on TCM sorption technology) solutions to be easily integrated in EU buildings (both connected and not-connected to DHN) to increase their energy efficiency as well as to exploit Power-to-Heat (PtH) approaches also to make EU Buildings as grid flexibility actors. THUMBS UP wants to overcome all the limits of stateof-the-art building-integrated PCM and TCM TES technologies, increasing TES energy density and reducing CAPEX. THUMBS UP innovates at different levels, from modelling to materials and enhance heat exchanger solutions, targeting demonstration at TRL 7.

Within THUMBS UP UBITECH ENERGY leads the exploitation strategy of the project and agreements between the partners and coordinates the BRIDGE activities.