UBITECH ENERGY participated in the KoM of RAIDO that took place from 20th to 22nd of February 2024 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and was hosted by INSTITUT JOZEF STEFAN

RAIDO is a powerful framework solution designed to develop trustworthy and green artificial intelligence (AI). Trustworthy AI focuses on ensuring the reliability, safety, and unbiased optimization and deployment of AI systems, particularly in critical applications such as healthcare, farming, energy, and robotics. On the other hand, Green AI involves the development and deployment of energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable AI technologies, leading to reduced environmental impact and improved resource management. RAIDO provides an array of automated data curation and enrichment methods, including digital twins and diffusion models, to create high-quality, representative, unbiased, and compliant training data. It also offers various data- and compute-efficient models and tools to create energy-efficient Green AI, such as few- and zero-shot learning, dataset and model search, data and model distillation, and continual learning.