UBITECH ENERGY participated in EVELIXIA’s first General Assembly, hosted by EEE in the picturesque region of Burgenland, Austria, on 11-12 April 2024. There, representatives of 36 prestigious organizations across 12 European countries collaborated in highly productive sessions and workshops. EVELIXIA aims to transform EU buildings into Active Utility Nodes (BAUNs), enhancing the building stock to be energy efficient, connected, smart, and flexible. This initiative focuses on improving two-way communication between the grid and occupants, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and analytics for optimum efficiency and user comfort.

The first day was focused on the main updates, challenges and next steps of each task, giving emphasis on EVELIXIA’s Platform Architecture, Use Cases and KPIs. A comprehensive overview of the Innovative Solutions (IS) was also offered by the technical partners.

The following day we headed to the main Pilot Site of the Burgenland region, in the small town of Strem, where we took a tour of the Pilot buildings and visited their Biomass facilities. Additionally, two workshops were conducted; one dedicated to the Pilot sites, where a representative of each site provided an in-depth overview of their infrastructures and planned activities and another on Dissemination and Exploitation efforts.

As leaders of two tasks within WP4, UBITECH ENERGY is at the forefront of developing the Autonomous District Decision Support Toolbox and orchestrating the integration of EVELIXIA’s entire Service Layer. During the Assembly, we shared the overall progress and milestones achieved in the first 6 months of the project. Highlights included the presentation of the architecture of the Service Layer and the G2B (Grid to Building) Layer, the initial updates on UBE’s 4 Innovative Solutions (IS) – DSM Services Advisor, Grid Investment Planning Assistant, Multivector Network Manager and Smart Grid Maintenance- and a first glance of the Kafka-based brokerage system that will facilitate the orchestration and communication between the diverse toolset of EVELIXIA’s Service Layer.