The EVELIXIA consortium commenced its project endeavors at the official kick-off meeting on November
9th and 10th, 2023, in Thessaloniki, Greece. This momentous occasion brought together more than 45
delegates representing 35 project partners from diverse European nations. At this inaugural assembly,
the consortium officially introduced and launched their ambitious initiative.
The initial day primarily centered on mutual introductions and cultivating a comprehensive grasp of all
aspects related to the project, encompassing detailed descriptions. More specifically, participants
delved into extensive conversations regarding the nuances of each work package, with the goal of
attaining a thorough comprehension of their specific roles and responsibilities within the project. Special
focus was given to the provision of information about the status-quo of the facilities of the 7 project’s
pilot sites (Austria, Romania, France, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Finland).
On the subsequent day, the main focus shifted to an interactive workshop between the work packages
that develop horizontal technical solutions to identify intra WPs dependencies, as well as cross-WP
management and synchronization schemes.
UBITECH ENERGY contributes to the project activities both as a technical partner via the leadership of two tasks,
namely T4.4: The EVELIXIA Autonomous District Decision Support Services and T4.6: The integrated B2G
and G2B Services Layer, as well as Data, Ethics and Security Manager of the project, leading also T8.4:
Data, Ethics, Security Management. In the framework of EVELIXIA, UBITECH ENERGY develops Innovative technology
Solutions for Building-to-Grid Services (DSM Services Advisor tool), as well as for Grid-to-Building
Services (Grid Investment Planning Assistant tool, Multi-vector Network Manager tool, Smart Grid
Maintenance tool).